Valaqua was founded in 1958 with the simple mission of helping people Discover God in Creation.  Since then, Valaqua has worked hard to live up to this mission, creating a place where people can experience God together under the tall, tall trees.

During those first summers, campers slept in tents and water was hauled up from the creek every day to an outdoor kitchen protected by a tarp strung between the trees.  We've come a long way since then!  Our facility now has a modern lodge with a well equipped professional kitchen, 10 beautiful cabins, and several outbuildings but the spirit of Valaqua remains the same.  Valaqua is a place apart from the day to day.  A place where you can take the time to walk among the trees and experience the power of creation.

Generations of campers and staff have taken refuge in this place and we look forward to welcoming generations to come.  We hope you will chose to be part of our story!