Restrictions Exemption Program

The Global Pandemic has brought us a lot of change and challenge.  These challenges will carry on to the 2021-22 rental season and we want to do our best to make sure everyone who accesses our site is as safe as possible. 

Camp Valaqua is participating in Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program.  This means that every guest over the age of 12 is required to present one of the following:

  • proof of Vaccination, or
  • a privately paid negative COVID 19 test that is less than 72 hours old, or
  • an original (non-copied) document of medical exemption

Guests over the age of 18 must also present Identification

The group coordinator is responsible for ensuring that every guest on site follows this requirement.

PLEASE NOTE: Cell service is intermittent at Camp Valaqua.  Please download or screenshot your proof of vaccine prior to arrival.

COVID 19 Requirements for rental groups

Main Camp Rental

Rental of our main camp area includes: Access to our main lodge with a fully equipped professional kitchen, sleeping capacity for 60 in mostly dorm style rooms, and dining capacity for 120 and access to up to 10 winterized cabins with sleeping capacity for 8 each.

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White house - $90/night

The White House is a three bedroom, two bathroom residence with an equipped kitchen.  A perfect getaway for a family, the White House area has a private outdoor fire circle and renters have access to Valaqua's network of trails and wild spaces.

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Little Brown House - $75/Night

The Little Brown House is a two bedroom, one bathroom cabin with an equipped kitchen.  A private deck overlooking the ravine is equipped with a barbecue.  Renters have access to a fire circle and Valaqua's network of trails and wild spaces.

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Yurt Camping - $75/night

Our yurts are large comfortable shelters with woodstoves and furniture.  This is a comfort camping experience meaning you will need to provide all bedding, food, cooking utensils, camp stove, lighting, and personal items.

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