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Summer camp options!

Camp Valaqua offers classic one week sleep away camps, wilderness out-trips, and PIT Crew (service and discipleship) programs.  We have summer camp programs for campers from 7-16 years old.  Have questions about what is best for you kids? Contact us!

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Looking for more information?

If you are new to Valaqua or are just looking for more information, check out our 2023 Parent Handbook!  It's chock full of information about our summer camps.  Still have questions? Contact us!

Parent Handbook

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Camp Valaqua is a member camp in good standing of the Alberta Camping Association.  Accredited ACA camps must pass inspections ensuring that their programs and facilities meet industry best standards for safety.  Valaqua has been an accredited camp with the ACA for over 20 years.



Grow with God

Through our chapels, our worship , and our devotions, we grow in relationship with our Creator!

Grow Together

Through our games, our challenges, and our play, we grow together!

Grow Inside

Through our devotions, challenges, and exploration, we grow in self confidence!